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The King of Clubs album would not have come together without the help of these talented artists and dear friends.
Richard Fidge - Lead & Backing Vocals

I first met Richard Fidge around 1966. As a member of the group "Sunday Funnies" in the late sixties, Richard signed with the Rare Earth label, a Motown sub-label. The band later released two albums produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, who once served as the Rolling Stones manager and producer. Richard has been a consummate performer for much of his life, performing vocals in national commercials such as for the Pontiac Firebird, called "Blackbird," Ford Motor Company’s “Think First” campaign, and Buick. In 2017 he received the honor of being inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Internet Hall of Fame as a member of "Sunday Funnies." Mr. Fidge, I have loved your voice for years and sincerely thank you for lending your God-given talent to the King of Clubs album. I could not be more pleased to have you play such an integral role in bringing my music to life.

Dennis (Denny) Orris - Piano on “Not Good Enough”

Denny and I first met in the early 1960s. Pulling a wagon loaded with my guitar and amp down the street, I was met by Denny and his musician friends when they stopped their car to ask if I wanted to come jam with them. The rest, as they say, is history! We formed the band "The Sensations," which was my first band. Denny eventually went on to record and tour with Marty Balin (co-founder of Jefferson Airplane) until Marty's passing in 2018. Denny has also performed with Bobby Hendricks (original lead singer for The Drifters) and is currently playing gigs in the Tampa Bay, FL area.  Denny, thank you for your friendship and a lifetime of treasured memories.

Timothy Sears - Drums

Tim and I met through my little brother, Woody Mac. Tim and Woody have worked on albums together over the years.  When I was recording this album at Woody's studio, Tim happened in one day and we sat down together to jam for a bit. I enjoyed how Tim played and asked what he would do on a couple of my songs; we clicked immediately!  Tim has been playing the drums in and around the Metro Detroit area for years.  He is a solid drummer and knew what I was looking to convey in my songs.  Timmy, sincere thanks for your dedication to your talent and for being a good friend over these many years.  

Neil Barbu - Organ on “Have A Good Time," “Until You," and “Fool’s Paradise”

Neil and I met through my songwriter/guitarist brother, Woody Mac, much like I met Tim Sears.  Neil was a workhorse, relentless in his passion for music and continually looking for that next musical experience.  Neil would play whenever and wherever he could. Although I knew of Neil as a musician for quite some time, I didn't have the pleasure of knowing him personally for very long. Sadly, Neil passed away during the recording of the album.  While recording, Neil asked what I wanted and I told him what I tell everyone with whom I work, "Just be you - be yourself." I believe I got that and tenfold from Neil as he laid down several impressive tracks on the King of Clubs album. Neil, thank you for the heart, soul, and enthusiasm you invested in all you gave. You are forever in our hearts.

Eric Noffz - Saxophone and Horns on “Where Are You Tonight” and “The Devil”

I met Eric through Richard Fidge. Studying music at Wayne State University, he became skilled at playing different instruments, including the saxophone, horn, and flute. He's learned from some of the best, such as Norm Gladstone and Earl DeForest, and while pounding the Detroit club scene for years, has performed with local groups such as Dr Pocket, Regular Boys, Art of Fact, and many others. Eric's a soulful player and consummate perfectionist! Eric, for your talent, dedication to your craft, and all you've given to this album, I thank you.

Kim Lange - Backing Vocals on "No Running From The Blues"

Kim and I also met through Richard Fidge. She studied vocal music at Western Michigan University and has become a choir director and coveted vocal coach.  Kim has worked with notables such as Bobby McFerrin, Andy Williams, and The Manhatten Transfer and currently performs with the local Southeast Michigan group Dr Pocket. She is accomplished in many music genres, including blues, jazz, gospel, and R&B, and has an impressive vocal range from pure smoothness to raspiness and everything in-between.  Kim, thank you for lending the beautiful gift of your voice and expertise to this album. 

Photo by Dori Sumter

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