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As a songwriter / Guitarist and writer of Jingles’ and as a session player; The Music on this album was a labor of love as well as work I did on the Gunslinger Kickin’ It Up album in the Country Genre. This site is a discography of recordings starting with the first recording I ever did in 1966 with the group and my best friends The Ruins which is considered a Garage punk classic. As I am told favorites at weekenders in Europe are the recording of ( The End ) and Take My Love ( and Shove it Up Your Heart ). This album Incorporates elements of Rock, Soul, Blues, and Country and yes some Gospel attributes. My journey started at age 8, My Father John McMillan played steel Guitar and had a group that had 3 steel players in the mid to late 1930’s playing venues at intermission times at the movie theatres. I gravitated to my Dad’s Dobro and began plucking on it not knowing that the strings were set up high to facilitate steel playing. I persevered through the blisters and the pain playing normal guitar on it. Once I got to the point and learned my first song by ear ( Honeycomb by Jimmie Rodgers ) Dad got me my first Electric a  Danelectro and that’s where I started My journey.

-Reverend Randy Mac


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